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Environment, Health and Care are the guiding concepts on which "CERANA" has developed. CERANA was established with one goal in mind; to link small mountain farmers with customers to improve their livelihoods who don't use or promote the use of pesticides.

By the community!

For the community!

Our Story

The agriculture sector in mountains has always been plagued with several problems - natural and man-made. There are several challenges faced by farmers such as changing climatic conditions, absence of good quality seeds, lack of knowledge regarding modern technology/equipment, financial regulations, high production costs, presence of dealers/middle men controlling market prices, among many others. The provision of marketing of agri/horti produces produced by farmers organised in a Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) is a great step towards the betterment of the agricultural sector in mountains and farmers as well. CERANA was established in 2021, driven by Appropriate Technology India (AT India). All the supported FPOs are owned and managed by farmers that aims to ensure share equity to everyone, while providing value to the end consumer. They are responsible for post harvesting management and training, purchasing, processing, packing, exporting and marketing of the produce.

Our Values

Complete Trust And Transparency
It's our equity or compensation policies, our promises to customers, or use of state-of-the-art technologies like Blockchain to make trust tangible, CERANA has been leading the way on all fronts.
Safety And Hygiene
We ensure that we remain updated with the latest health norms. We even follow updated FSSAI norms meant to ensure safety during this global pandemic.
Farmer-led Initiative
CERANA is an initiative fully led and managed by farmers who have complete understanding of the problems faced by the typical small-landholding farmer.
Integrated Value Chain
CERANA’s vision is to support crop-specific integrated value chains led by farmer collectives, and empowered by technology.



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